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Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee

I left school at 15 years of age and decided I would like to become a florist. I therefore began my training at Constance Spry School of Floristry.

My first job was as an Improver where I took my City and Guilds Diplomas 1, 2 and 3 and later went on to take my Intermediate Exams.

Additional studies were attended at Boomers International School of Floristry in Holland where I received a further diploma. I gained so much experience during my period here. Once all my studies were completed I went on to open my own shop in 1986. It was so successful that I decided to open a further shop in 1992.

I cover all aspects of floristry. i.e. weddings, funerals, birthday parties, christenings and corporate companies.

To ensure the highest quality, my flowers come from very reputable suppliers; mainly from Columbia and Holland. Fresh flowers arrive on various days of the week to ensure client satisfaction.

 Peter Hayward

Peter Hayward

Having been a retired Prison Officer for only a few months, I started to get bored and decided I would like to have a part time job.

I went into the village and called in at Busy Lizzie’s. I had known Liz, the owner and best florist in the area for 20 years, as I used to purchase my flowers from her. I asked Liz if she required a driver and fortunately for me she did.

I have now been with Liz for over 2 years. We have and amazing rapport and a really good working relationship. We have fun and there is laughter throughout the day.

I have since become Liz’s accountant, carpenter, decorator, advisor among other things.